Here's what a few of our customers think

"As promised when I visited and bought your 3 pack here is my feed back as a beer drinker, chemist and home brewer.
COBB: This is a very interesting ale. It had a very very subtle aroma that was quite elusive but after a lot of thought was suddenly 'rich fruit cake' and then subsequently 'rich brewed coffee'. It was a fairly 'bitter' with a long after taste - overall a very good ale.

Black Ven - This Porter ale did surprise me as it is a dark ale using dark and chocolate malts, yet you have managed to get those malt flavours while avoiding the more 'burnt' tastes that can come from the chocolate malt in stouts. Certainly a very nice ale and a good one for the winter.

Lyme Gold: This is a summery pale golden ale, with what I describe as a more 'wine-y' but light taste and fresh fruity aroma. It ends with a very pleasant 'light bitter marmalade-orange citrus' after taste. An excellent ale for a summer evening - and best drunk outdoors to get the fullest of the aromas and flavours."

- Chris Mulliss


Here is the judges’ feedback on our entries in the 2012 Taste of the West Awards.


The aroma was both fruity and malty and this was echoed in the lovely fruity and malty taste. There was a good aftertaste. The judges thought this was a very well balanced beer. SILVER

Lyme Gold

They thought this had a lovely aroma and a very clear and a golden appearance. There was loads of flavour and quite a long finish. SILVER

Black Ven

This had an interesting apple aroma. It was a good, dark ruby colour. It tasted quite dry with a taste of apples. The judges felt that the dryiness lingered but not the flavour. BRONZE


 -Taste of the West


Some satisfied customers...

“The Cobb was superb. I'm glad it is described as your flagship beer - long may this continue. Unfortunately I bought only one bottle.”

”Having a cask of your beer at the wedding made for a welcome change from the normal wine and champagne that circulates. The problem was that we ordered only 1 cask!!! 72 pints! I thought that should last the evening but in fact it didn't even last an hour ..... which, in hindsight, is testament to the flavour and quality of your product. I then spent my evening explaining to our guests why there wasn't anymore.” 

- Simon Lewis

"... We carried on to the Royal Lion for a glass of [draught] Black Ven and were well pleased with it's flavour and character.

It is very welcome to open a bottle conditioned ale and not have it foam like mad too. All 3 ales went down a treat!!" 

- Tim Edgell, author of Dorset Pubs and Breweries - visit

Brewery Origins

The Town Mill Brewery is owned by a small group of investors, a number of whom live in or near Lyme Regis. Originally known as the Malthouse Group, we got together in early 2009 to support the Town Mill Trust in its efforts to acquire the Malthouse from the owners, Western Power Distribution. The building had been the home of Lyme’s electricity generation before the National Grid. As a group, we wanted to ensure that the building was not 'lost' to the town and that it again became a part of the Mill complex. For some months it appeared that our support funding would be needed but at the 11th hour, the South West Regional Development Authority (SWRDA) was able to provide the Trust with the necessary funding and our funds were not needed.

Rather than disperse, we agreed that we would take shares in the microbrewery company which had been formed to lease the Malthouse extension which projects over the River Lym. This extension, which was built in 1924, originally housed the batteries which provided Lyme's overnight electricity.

We believe that the microbrewery complements the other activities of the Town Mill area and we are providing some local employment. We present an attractive operation and generate a great deal of interest from residents and visitors, thereby enhancing Lyme’s tourism business. The operation also acknowledges the historical use of the building as a brewer's Malthouse.

Town Mill Brewery is the trading name of Lyme Bay Brewing Limited.


A centuries old tradition in Lyme Regis

Unbeknown to us humble folk at the brewery it turns out that we have chanced on a name that dates way back in Lyme’s history. As you probably already know, our flagship beer is “Cobb”. This is the first ale we produced and continues to be very popular in and around Lyme Regis.

Well, there was an annual festivity called the Cobb Ale which appears to have been a two or three week party in Lyme Regis acting as a fundraiser for the upkeep of the Cobb. Records seem to show that these took place during the mid fourteen hundreds right up until about 1610.

An Ale, at this time, was the name given to a festival used to raise money for local projects. Other nearby examples include an Ale to raise funds for the market house and school house in Bridport and one for paving the streets in Sherborne.

Thanks to the wonderful people at the Lyme Regis Museum we have accumulated various historians ‘take’ on the Cobb Ale. Now, as you well know, if you get a bunch of experts talking about anything, they are bound to contradict each other and the historian’s accounts of the Cobb Ale are no exception. However, having digested all that has been written I can say with relative confidence that there definitely was a Cobb Ale and it happened a few hundred years ago!

Accounts vary as to the nature of the celebrations but it is assumed that there were musical and theatrical performances and, of course, much feasting and drinking. After being well fed, plied with drink and entertained, local wealthy traders and similar outsiders would then be approached by Wardens of the Ale to make donations. Not much changes in the world of fundraising!

Anyway, it seems to have been the Puritans (there’s a surprise) that put an end to it. So, we’ll have to see if something can be done to resurrect this fine tradition in one form or another to suit twenty first century Lyme Regis. In the meantime, I suggest you partake of our very own Cobb Ale and celebrate Lyme’s long history of revelry.