Single Bottles 500ml

We currently bottle Cobb, Lyme Gold, Black Ven, Town Mill Best and Revenge.



2 Bottle and Glass Presentation Pack

makes a very special gift for the discerning beer lover.


Triple Pack

One is good, but three is better.


Four Bottle Presentation Box

Three is good, but four is best.

Our Stylish 2 Bottle Jute Bag

Makes a very smart present for the beer lover about town.



We also sell Draught Beer to take away

2 Pint Box to take home
and enjoy, but ... 

a 4 Pint Jug is twice as nice.



Or, for the smart, sophisticated look on the dinner table, our 1 Litre Swing Top Bottle.



If you're feeling  thirsty, we also sell draught beer in 5, 10 or 20 litre beer boxes. 


But if you're feeling really, really thirsty, how about a 72 pint firkin?















Other Interesting Things

Very Tasty Dorset Nectar Cider

Made on a family orchard, just outside Bridport in Dorset. Available in four styles, these are lovely artisan ciders with bits in. Possibly one of your 5-A-Day.
















Now you need something to open the bottles with.

Our bottle opener, cunningly disguised as a fridge magnet. You need never lose your bottle opener again - unless you lose your fridge!







How about something to drink it from. Pint or half?






















Our new range of Chutneys 

Created exclusively for Town Mill Brewery by Four Seasons Preserves near Bridport in Dorset.

Truly delicious chutneys made with our ales and malt or hop infusions to add a real depth of flavour.